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Rolph Von Motley from Drunk at 2 o'clock on a Friday afternoon writes:
"Sometimes when I'm lying awake at night staring at the ceiling, I recall my days as a Man of the Sea, floating through the Mediterranean on my way to conquer the savages of Romania. And as I lie there, pondering life's sundry mysteries, I ask myself: Why? Why is it that I can't stop humming the Decent Boys' stupid, yet strangely stirring rendition of The Presidents? And so I ask you oh Great Creators: Why? And where the hell IS Harrison?"

Dear Rolph, Man of the Sea,
I believe you are referring to the future hit song “Drincoln with Lincoln” by our friends Son of Mu. We wish we had written it. We also wish we knew where Harrison was. We also wish we were drunk at 2 on a Friday afternoon. Also, thanks for correctly placing the apostrophe after our name in your question, thereby indicating that we are, in fact, plural.

Gunter Grass from Upset writes:
"Your name generator is fucking shoddy at best. It just repeats the first name, followed by Decent. This site fucking sucks!"

Dear Gunter,
Maybe you and your long, unreadable book about a tiny drummer are what sucks.

Gunter Grass from Happy-lucid writes:
"I once wrote about a decent boy in the Tin Drum, have you read it? I think a song that would capture the spirit of the Tin Drum is what is needed and is what has always left the most lacking aspect. If I could suggest, I would combine the melodies of ELO and nirvana, with a small drum, and I think you would have it. Oh, don't forget the cow bell. Anyways, send me some e-mail."

Dear Gunter,
We kindly refer you to the song “36 Inches High” that appears on Nick Lowe’s 1978 album “Jesus of Cool”. Also, our next album will feature nothing but songs fusing the styles of ELO and Nirvana and employing cowbell as both a lead and rhythm instrument. Also, the cowbell will contribute (uncredited) backing vocals on several tracks.

Lucifer Z. Von Decent from Suspended Animation writes:
"Any chance of a hit counter?"

Dear Lucifer,
Good idea. How about you count the number of times we hit you for asking a dumb question?

Two Potato from NY writes:
"Besides being the name of a dancer in the hit 2003 Amanda Bynes comedy, What a Girl Wants, what is behind the name "Jane Victory"?"

Dear 2-Potato,
Its strange that you refer to “What a Girl Wants” as a comedy. After screening the film at our monthly band pajama party, we decided that it was a farcical but essentially serious critique of bourgeois mores, a clear homage to the oeuvre of Bunuel. Perhaps a better question would be, what is behind the name “Two Potato”?