Demos & Rarities

  • Mandy  - Internet-only single released January 2006. Yes, its THAT "Mandy".

  • Back Door Santa  - Here's a rare track we recorded for a fan-club-only Christmas single for our German fan club, Der Lieder Boysen.

  • It Came Upon a Midnight Clear  - The 2004 Decent Boys Christmas release.

  • Desert (original mix)  - track #1 on Eephus Pitch in its original form

  • Jane Victory (Casiobeat demo)  - A peek at our “process”. Most of our songs start like this, with acoustic guitar and pre-programmed late-’80’s Casio beats (acting as a click track).

  • Jane Victory (acoustic demo)  - same track as above with the Casio beats turned down

  • Poor Boy (acoustic demo)  - Acoustic demo of an unreleased song.

  • Drugs & Akahol  - Recorded for Spader Unit, this track was "lost" during mixing. It was recently found one night in Majik Brown's left cosmic-clog.


Album Tracks